February 2018

It’s 2018 and Glass Tiger have marked 31 years of making music together. To make this year extra special, the band has teamed up with Johnny Reid to release their upcoming album ‘31’. The new album includes special guest contributions from Julian Lennon (“Thin Red Line”), Alan Doyle (“My Song”), Véronic DiCaire (“Someday”) and Susan Aglukark and David R. Maracle (“Diamond Sun”).

1. Someday

2. Animal Heart

3. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

4. I Will Be There

5. My Town

6. Diamond Sun

7. Rescued By The Arms Of Love

8. My Song ft. Alan Doyle

9. I’m Still Searching

10. Thin Red Line ft. Julian Lennon

11. Fire It Up

12. Was Yer Family ft. Johnny Reid

13. Healing Hands

14. Someday ft. Véronic DiCaire

15. Diamond Sun ft. Susan Aglukark & David Maracle

Simple Mission


1. Blinded

2. Animal Heart

3. Let’s Talk

4. Where Did Our Love Go

5. My Town

6. The Rhythm of Your Love

7. Spanish Slumber

8. Simple Mission

9. Stand or Fall

10. Rescued (By the Arms of Love)

11. One to One

12. One Night Alone

13. (She Said) Love Me Like a Man

Diamond Sun


1. Diamond Sun

2. Far Away from Here

3. I’m Still Searching

4. A Lifetime of Moments

5. It’s Love U Feel

6. My Song

7. Watching Worlds Crumble

8. Send Your Love

9. Suffer In Silence

10. This Island Earth

The Thin Red Line


1. Thin Red Line

2. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

3. Closer to You

4. Vanishing Tribe

5. Looking At a Picture

6. The Secret

7. Ancient Evenings

8. Ecstacy

9. Someday

10. I Will Be There

11. You’re What I Look For