The Band

and so it continues….the story of one of canada’s most enduring and iconic bands, glass tiger, roars on.

originally known as, tokyo, the band formed in newmarket, ontario, in 1981 and spent several years cutting their
 teeth in the bar scene of the day. with rapidly growing popularity it didn’t take long for all the major record labels to come courting, culminating in their signing a world-wide recording deal with, capitol records, in 1985.

changing their name to glass tiger, their debut album,
the thin red line quickly became an unstoppable force, rocketing up the charts to become the fastest selling debut in canadian history, spawning no less than ve hit singles. leading the charge, was the, now-and-forever, iconic, don’t forget me ( when i’m gone), a song that is forever-etched into the very fabric popular music’s history.

5-time juno award winners, 5-time canadian classic winners and grammy nominated, glass tiger have shared stages and recording performances with some of the world’s leading acts including; rod stewart, tina turner, bryan adams, journey, julian lennon, cheap trick to name but a few.

in 2018, the band hit the road, touring extensively while promoting the release of their album, 31, which is essentially an album of celebration through the reimagining of the classic songs they are best known for.

originally to be named, 30, in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the thin red line, life quickly turned to anguish when lead vocalist, alan frew, suffered a stroke in the summer of 2015, causing the band to shut down while frew spent the next year in recovery. “if you lose your 30th to such a thing, said keyboardist, sam reid, you wait and hope for recovery, then when it happens, you simply celebrate life and what lies ahead… and for us that was 31, simple math!” although 31 has been well-received by critics and fans alike, the demand for a new studio recording of unreleased original material remained front and foremost in their minds. nothing would do it seems, other than a new glass tiger release.

so now ladies and gentlemen, the celebration of life and music continues with glass tiger’s latest offering… please welcome,   . glass tiger’s 5th studio album.

produced by glass tiger founding member, sam reid and
uk, singer, songwriter, andrew cole,   is an unapologetically raw, mature, eclectic, statement that states simply, “this is who we are today and this is how we see the world around us.”

from the rough and tumble, rebellious, this is london, a throwback to their “bar days” when you simply, red up a guitar, started a band, and made raucous loud music, to the ethereal nature of pop with tracks such as, this is your life and keepers of time, this ep is, without a doubt, what glass tiger fans have been anxiously waiting over two decades for. glass tiger have always maintained a connection to their rock roots and two major tracks, show me ( how to get close to the sun ) and ebb & ow are both strong evidence of their “pre-synthesizer” days. “tokyo, says frew, was basically formed out of the remnants of two rock bands and rock out we did! the 80’s found us not the other way around.”

of course no classic album would be complete without a classic ballad and the lads have delivered yet again in this department with their haunting and majestic rendition of, dying is easy (with you) “this song epitomizes the grandeur of living a full life, says keyboardist, sam reid. this feels
like a song that only a band with an almost 40 year history together can deliver and make it believable. from the innocence and “smallness” of the opening vocal, to the epic behemoth ending, this song’s statement is destined to be a glass tiger classic.

glass tiger are preparing for a busy summer when they will be joining canadian legend, corey hart on his, nationwide, “never surrender,” tour, as well as numerous other summer and fall dates.